Services & Facilities

Shopping Mall

The mall is designed to cover all the residents’ needs from shopping to recreation. It includes various shopping venues, a supermarket, a bakery, as well as a bowling center.


The supermarket has everything that the residents could possibly need and will continue to operate until the shopping mall is ready.


The mosque takes up to 500 people. Religious ceremonies could be held.


Electricity is connected to Al Sheikh Zayed district’s main network.


Water is provided through a station for water distillation and a reservoir that can supply the whole project for up to 36 hours, including a reserve for fire fighting.

Drainage System

Environmental rules and regulations have been applied in planning this system. It has been designed to handle the most severe of situations. A network for draining rain has also been laid out and is passed onto the main district’s system.


The project includes an internal telephone network connected to The Sheikh Zayyed Central. Satisfaction of increase in demand has been put into consideration.

Maintenance and Repair

What really sets us apart is that we supervise all maintenance and repair services even after we hand you the keys to your property. That is in order to preserve the highest level of performance and initial quality.


A central satellite airs various TV channels to all villas.


The security system is of utmost vigilance and efficiency. Trained security guards watch over all villas around the clock and check the identities of all visitors.
An external water network has been added to protect against fire and is connected to the main tank in accordance with the rules and regulations of civil defense. Fire extinguishers are also available all over the compound.
All villas are fitted with highly advanced Canadian anti-theft and fire alarm systems. The alarms are connected to control units and security rooms and can be further linked to telephones to notify police in case of theft or fire.