The compound consists of 970 villas varying in design and space to include 12 different plans and spaces that range from 220 m2 to 637 m2 building and from 800 m2 to 1600 m2 land.  All villas are two stories and include a private garage for two cars and a garden big enough to accommodate a swimming pool.  The design plan has been laid out to include an optional central heating/ac system.

The Ground Floor:
This consists of a reception, salon, dining room, study, kitchen, a help’s room and a guests’ toilet.

The First Floor:
This consists of a master bedroom, which includes a bathroom and a walk-in closet, as well as two to three other bedrooms, depending on the size of the villa, an extra toilet, living room and an optional kitchenette.
Spaces have been used to their fullest potential to satisfy every family’s needs and to create a seamless flow between the two floors. The private gardens are blended with passages to create a striking contrast of green, light and shade.
All villas are connected to a central satellite dish.


Villa Type: T
Total Area: 220  m2

Villa Type: U
Total Area: 277  m2

Villa Type: V
Total Area: 359  m2

Villa Type: V'
Total Area: 329  m2

Villa Type: W
Total Area: 379  m2

Villa Type: W'
Total Area: 318  m2

Villa Type: X
Total Area: 458  m2

Villa Type: X'
Total Area: 409  m2

Villa Type: Z'
Total Area: 360  m2

Villa Type: SP3
Total Area: 637  m2

Villa Type: SP4
Total Area: 531  m2

Villa Type: Z
Total Area: 478  m2

The Finishing:  
The Reception, Salon and Dining room:

Floorings: White Italian alabaster.

Walls:       Plastic paint

Ceilings:   Plastic paint with borders

Master Bedroom

Aro Parquet

Walls:       Plastic paint

Ceilings:   Plastic paint with borders

The Other Bedrooms:

Floorings: Swedish wood.

Walls: Plastic paint

Ceilings: Plastic paint with borders


Floorings:  Ceramics

Walls: Plastic paint

Ceilings: Plastic paint with borders

Handrail: Forged iron

Toilets and Kitchens

Floorings: Ceramics

Walls: All Ceramic

Ceilings: Plastic paint with borders.

The Villa’s Front

Walls:  White artificial stones

Roof Tops: Red baked bricks

Entrances: White Italian alabaster


Wood and glass

In-House Doors:

Swedish wood with a fine aro coating, and door handles and knobs made of high-gloss finish brass.

Electric Connections:

All connections and necessary accessories are made of the best local materials.


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